Better Builder® seeks to create high-quality jobs and
high-quality buildings throughout Texas.

For over a decade, through the commitment of developers and elected officials across Texas, the Better Builder® Program improves conditions in the construction industry. Through policy change and community education, the Better Builder® Program seeks to improve conditions in the Texas construction industry by advocating for the following workplace standards: living wages, OSHA safety training, worker’s compensation coverage, local hiring goals and independent third-party monitoring. 

Workers Defense Project worked with local construction workers to get their recommendations on common sense workplace standards that would greatly increase their safety on the job and improve their ability to provide for their families and continue in the construction career. Those conversations led to the creation of the Better Builder® Program

Construction workers in Texas build our state but face deadly working conditions. For a significant portion of the state’s workforce, protections remain out of reach.

Lack of safety training. Texas remains the deadliest construction industry in the country where a worker dies every 3 days. 60% of Texas construction workers report not having safety training. 

Lack of workers compensation. One in five workers gets seriously injured on the job, requiring medical attention. Yet, only 40% of workers report that they have workers compensation.

Workers are denied rest breaks. Texas workers frequently labor in deadly heat without access to rest breaks and drinking water, putting them at greater risk for accidents. Forty-one percent of workers report they don’t receive rest breaks. 

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